High Score Hall of Fame Quarterfinals: Round Two - Chrono Trigger vs Morrowind

Continuing on in the High Score Hall of Fame competition, the debate heats up as the Checkpoint crew continues to slug it out in Round Two of the quarterfinal match up. Today - Chrono Trigger vs The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Just in case you missed it, be sure and listen to Round One: Undertale vs Street Fighter II over on our new Listen page. It's in the books! Round one of the semi-finals has been determined and which YOU, the fans, will get to decide!

So, go right now and vote on who you think would win in a head to head match up

Chrono Trigger or Street Fighter II

Come back tomorrow so see who will emerge victorious from Round 3 of the Checkpoint Hall of Fame Quarterfinals. Will it be - newcomer Overwatch or will it be the classic Clastevania: Symphony of the Night?