BlazBlue EVO Do-Over

This past weekend at EVO 2017, some unusual technical difficulties resulted in some EVO Players getting a second chance. The day prior, during the Guilty Gear and Tekken 7 tournaments there was a large amount of controller disconnects that resulted in paused games. As per EVO rule sets if a game is paused, the player responsible automatically takes a loss for that round. If it's a match game, that means the player takes a loss on the match. When BlazBlue took to the same pool the next day, one player noted that he had no controller problems on the stream set-up. When Evo officials looked into the problem, they concluded that the controller disconnects were not the fault of the players and changed the rules so that paused games due to controller disconnects wouldn't constituted an automatic loss. Furthermore, than players who had lost a match due to this were invited back to play in a new bracket for a chance to enter the finals.