Winning Cosplay Wednesday - Vanessa Wedge - 5/24/2017

Every Wednesday, we're bringing you the very best WCW! No, we don't mean wrestling (though WCW over WWE). Our WCW means Winning Cosplay Wednesday! Today's featured cosplay is Vanessa Wedge!

Vanessa Wedge is big video game fan as well as a wrestling fan. Her video game cosplay does not disappoint in Final Fantasy, Overwatch, and many more! In her wrestling cosplays, she looks amazing as WWE's Asuka to The Undertaker. She recently brought back an Alpha Chun Li cosplay from ten years ago and Wow! Chun Li looks good! Vanessa is also in a band as a singer and bassist.

Check out Vanessa Wedge and her cosplays on her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram!