Overwatch Player Goes Pro Even when Parents Took Away the Internet

Stefano “Verbo” Disalvo plays Lucio for the Immortals, one of the best Overwatch teams in the world. He is also the team shot-caller and leader. All of this was accomplished by a 17 year old with no internet in the house!

Throughout Verbo's high school career, he played a lot of League of Legends. When Overwatch was released, he was hooked. When he told his parents he wanted to pursue professional gaming as a career, they objected and went so far as to take away his PC and modem to dissuade him. This motivated him to push harder and farther. He would spend as much time as possible with the game. He watched YouTube videos, studied other footage at McDonald's Wi-fi spots, and analyzed map print-outs. He eventually scored a try-out with the Immortals and made the team. He is taking online courses to further his education as his parents wanted, alongside being one of the best Overwatch players out there. His parents are now much more receptive to his career choice.