Unity Buy SDK Develops Store for Real Stuff to Buy Inside Game

Mobile game developers tend to enjoy offering swag related to their games, especially if those amass any kind of decent-sized audience. The Unity Buy SDK from Shopify, announced at its Unite developer conference today, makes it easier to build a store for real stuff right inside your game, so that players can buy t-shirts, mugs, toys and emblazoned with your logo and characters as easily as they would in-app currency.

The Unity Buy SDK basically sticks a working Shopify storefront right inside a mobile game, and they can support Apple Pay for even quicker transactions on iOS. Popular mobile endless runner Alto’s Adventure is one of the first games to build in the Unity Buy SDK, and it’s a natural fit because Alto’s sells real-world goods including adorable plush llamas, which is actually something I’d find sorely tempting mid-run.

The Alto’s integration is a relatively simple use; Shopify Director of Product Brandon Chu told me that developers could easily gate access to their shops, with unlocks of various items dependent on your progress through the game. Clear a difficult level – unlock a more exclusive item. There’s nothing specifically saying game developers need only sell their own gear, too, so you could easily envision a difficult twitch platformer combining flash sales and gaming with unlockable Yeezys buyable only for the most elite.