High-School Aged Kids, Meta Athena, A Wildcard

Before the latest season of the big APEX Overwatch tournament series started, few knew the name Meta Athena. Now people are watching their matches with balled fists and clenched jaws, wondering what sort of diabolical trick they’ll come up with next.

Meta Athena is a pro Overwatch team made up mostly of high-school aged Korean kids. They were not part of the first APEX season and, in a crowd composed of the best Overwatch teams on the planet, they’re a wildcard. This particular tournament has already chewed up and spat out the team many consider to be the absolute best, EnVyUs, as well as another top-15 team in KongDoo Uncia. We’re not talking about scrubs here, is what I’m saying. Despite this, Meta Athena is currently undefeated in the tournament, and they’re actually one of the teams that managed to beat EnVyUs.

At first glance, Meta Athena is aggression embodied, and that’s definitely a part of what makes them so successful. They dole out DPS like the other team stole their lunch money, sometimes employing three snipers on offense. You’d think that’d leave them helplessly feeble in terms of defense, but you can’t deny the results. Check out this artful point take on King’s Row, as broken down by OGN caster ggMonteCristo (via Dot Esports):