Player's Epic Pop-Off After Crushing Rival

Rivalries drive esports, and there’s few places with better beef than the fighting game community, or FGC. Joshua “Wolfkrone” Philpot and Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley’s ongoing feud came to a head last night at Final Round 20 in Atlanta, Georgia, and the resulting conclusion could be called the “pop-off heard ‘round the world.”

It’s hard to pin down when, exactly, Philpot and Bradley’s feud started. A match between the two at January’s Frosty Faustings is the generally accepted origin, where Philpot taunts Bradley after winning 2-1.

When the two met at Final Round 20, they were both winners of their respective pools. Each needed the win to stay in the winner’s bracket of the top 64, but it was also the culmination of months of build-up, and everyone at the event gathered to watch. Commentators Steve Scott and IFC Yipes were brought in to hype it as much as possible.

The match wasn’t even close. Bradley served Philpot a 2-0, not losing a single round during the series. Though he was stone-faced during the match, once the win is taken Bradley pops off in a historic manner: