League of Legends Player Banned for Playing Support Nunu

Imagine that you've just won a game of League of Legends. You're basking in the glory of victory, but both your teammates and your opponents all tell you that they're going to report you because, instead of playing a meta support, you abandoned your AD carry to go roam and counter-jungle as a support Nunu.

This was Levi "Take the Draw" Moreno's reality, and on Feb. 22 Riot Games handed him a a 14-day ban after he'd been reported several times for offenses that included failing to communicate and role-stealing — a player support representatives told him that the "community deemed this behavior unacceptable." But Take the Draw wasn't throwing games, he wasn't intentionally feeding, and he wasn't being particularly toxic in chatNo, Take the Draw was reported and banned because he played 317 games as a support Nunu.

Riot did rescind the ban a few days after handing it out, but the situation has raised some bigger concerns, specifically with regards to finding new ways to win. Players are reported for no particular reason all the time, even if they do help the team win, but, in this particular case, Riot's ban speaks volumes to how they think League of Legends should be played and could in-turn discourage players who want to innovate and evolve the game.