Hearthstone Winter Playoffs Issues

With the Hearthstone Europe Winter Playoffs in full swing at venues across the continent, many Hearthstone pros have called out Blizzard for a number of issues ranging from unstable WiFi connections to possible instances of cheating.

While each of the 25 playoff locations has Blizzard-sanctioned administrators present, the company had no hand in organizing the tournaments, instead leaving it up to local TOs.


Orange ultimately lost the Tavern Hero qualifier in a set where his opponent disconnected in a game, a situation he blames on tournament organizers.

While article 5.1 (c) of the 2017 European HCT rulebook states that "once the starting hands are provided by the Hearthstone game client, if a player leaves the game for any reason, the player is considered to have forfeited the game," competitors who disconnected during the playoffs were allowed to replay the game from scratch.

It should be noted that according to article 10.3 (b) of the rules, "Blizzard reserves the right to revise, modify, change, delete or add to these Official Rules at any time."