Super Smash Bros. Melee Not Listed For Evo 2017 Finals

The Evolution Championship Series (or simply Evo for short) is the largest competition of fighting games in the fighting games scene. The schedule has been posted for Evo 2017 and Super Smash Bros Melee is missing from the final day's presentation.

This years' competition features nine games: Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Injustice 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Tekken 7 and King of Fighters XIV with the 9th spot going to a player-voted title.

The games up for the player-voted spot are: Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Skullgirls, Pokken Tournament, Killer Instinct, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, ARMS, Windjammers and nidhogg.The winning game will get a $10,000 injection into its prize pool along with entry fees to boost the pot. Players will cast votes in the form of donations to Make-a-Wish International.

Super Smash Brother Melee joins the ranks of Injustice 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 and King of Fighter's XIV of being pushed off of the main event day, Sunday, and having their finals take place on Saturday.

Evo 2017 is July 14th through the 16th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.